Yesterday I saw came across a 36 second video that added such joy to my day <3  Please watch it below, and I’ll meet you on the other side of 36 seconds 🙂


So what happened in this video?

In a safe environment, the students got to determine how they greeted their teacher in the morning. They were allowed to choose for themselves as opposed to being told:

“You can have, what I have determined for you, that you need.”

What does that say about this teacher?

This teacher is attune to meeting the needs of her students as individuals – some students want a hug, some may never want a hug and opt for a high five. With acceptance, she sees that each of her students is unique, and not just  a ‘classroom of students.’

This teacher is showing love and gratitude for each child that is present for school. In turn, the children can feel more open and receptive to learn because they are welcomed positively and entering a safe environment.

(Added bonus: This teacher understands variations in sensory needs).

Enhancing educational environments and infrastructure is one of our funding priorities at Invest In Access, Inc. and videos such as these are so encouraging! As you continue the remainder of the week, I ask you to consider:

“In what ways may I challenge myself to give acceptance, and understanding to others?”