We are leaders of accessibility in the United States.

Invest In Access is a 501c3 non-profit organization passionate about furthering social equity for individuals living with physical and psychological differences. Our services focus on adaptations to workplace culture which provide specific and tangible accessibility outcomes for businesses to create a more inclusive atmosphere for everyone.

We pride ourselves on cross movement solidarity with fellow leaders of accessibility throughout the United States and work side-by-side with them as well. At Invest In Access, we consult within business, education, theatrics and more, in order to ensure that all environments are accessible for everyone.


American Sign Language (ASL) Interpretation

This offering is ideal for an organization that’s already committed to offering accessible events and meetings, and simply doesn’t have the time, or an accessibility department yet, to handle the logistics. Leave the logistics to us. 

At Invest In Access, we are big fans of cross-collaboration. We’re proud to partner with Linguabee, a Deaf-owned service provider, to deliver the best interpreters in the country. When Deaf or Hard of Hearing people attend events, school, or work, they’re often at an inequitable disadvantage through no fault of their own.

Our Certified Deaf Interpreters (CDIs) and Certified Hearing Interpreters (CHIs) are expert communicators and can relay the essence and power of spoken words so that everyone can understand what’s being communicated.

ADA Compliance

The Americans with Disabilities Act was enacted to ensure that all Americans who live with disabilities are provided equitable access to commercial and public facilities, employment, local and state government, telecommunications, transportation; essentially equitable access to everyday life. 

All organizations within the United States must operate in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, and it’s frequently the case that members of the disability community have to be self-advocates for resources simply because an organization is falling short of being ADA Compliant. 

How is your organization doing as it relates to compliance with the ADA? We’ll do the research and provide you with a summary as well as recommendations going forward. 


Closed Captioning is the video display of the audio portion of video programming. We offer English language post-production captioning for businesses and influencers. 

Provide our team with a video file of your audio content and we’ll add the captions; often within the same day or a 24 hour turnaround time. Our promise is 100% accuracy of text and we allow a complementary window time for your proofing review in order to ensure that we make good on our promise. Custom fonts are available upon request. 

Our team also offers complimentary captioning to any member of the disability community, upon request, when volunteer time allows.

Event Management

Onsite or virtual

Onsite: our team member(s) will arrive at the call-time of your event and provide accessibility staffing in order to ensure that all guests enjoy an equitable experience for the duration of your event. Accessible event signage included. 

Virtual: We work in earnest to ensure that any person who seeks accessibility has their needs honored. This option is for organizations who seek to implement an accessible event in 24 hours or less. We’ll handle the logistics and join virtually to ensure your event runs smoothly. 

A complimentary 20 minute preparatory call is available to learn pertinent event details for both onsite and virtual events.

Virtual Accessibility Consulting

If your organization is structurally prepared to implement accessibility, yet lacks the knowledge of foundational accessibility best practices, then this offering is for you. 

By the time we’ve joined the virtual meet, our team will have already done background research on your organization, allowing our hour together to be productive and focused on your outcome goals related to accessibility. 

Whether you’re hosting an event, launching a company wide initiative, revamping your website or aiming to foster an accessible workplace for your workforce – we will guide you through the what, where, when, why, who and how’s.

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Invest In Access teaches how accessibility and equity makes a difference for the 26 percent of Americans living with a disability and why there is urgent room for improvement across America. We provide consultation services and ad-hoc knowledge in order to ensure that businesses, and influencers, are providing best practice accessibility for everyone.

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Invest In Access was founded as a remote-first organization, on Anishinaabeg land, in 2018. Remote-first is a highly accessible workplace model for members of the disability community, and the global COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 has proven that remote-first benefits may have additional environmental and economic benefits too.