Alright; 2019! How is your year beginning? January brings my favorite holiday of the year;

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day. I’ll be sure to share why at a later date! For now, I want to begin the new year providing you with the ‘why’ behind the name Invest In Access.

So – what’s in a name? My name, for instance, or yours? Chances are, that when your name was chosen at birth, it carried a very specific meaning. Those who chose it, did so carefully; it’s an important responsibility, am I right?

Similarly, when establishing Invest In Access, I chose the name very intentionality. I truly believe that access is at the crux of human need, both personally and professionally. Think about it. What can a person accomplish in life – whether it be earning an education, entering a relationship with another human being, becoming a valued employee, obtaining financial stability – if they’re denied the opportunity of access to even try?

On a routine basis, I am surprised at how cordial people are with one another until it comes down to providing access. If you’ve ever felt what it was like to be denied access – a job you weren’t allowed to apply for, a business that wasn’t accessible to you, those association memberships that could be life changing if only you had $300-$1,000 dollars in dues – then you innately understand why access is so important.

If, at this point, you’re thinking “equity comes in time, it’s part of our 3-5 year plan,” then chances are it’s because the opportunity for access hasn’t been as substantial of an issue in your life. Cheers! But please understand that your experience is also a very fortunate one, and I’m here to lovingly say: time is a luxury that can only be afforded if a person is given, or provided, access. The time for access is now.

Our vision at Invest In Access is that children who live with physical and psychological differences will grow up in a society that recognizes them as visible and equally valuable contributors. While many great strides have been made toward inclusion in the United States, the statistics show that we have a substantial way to go toward fully addressing inequity pertaining to access. Here’s how:

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that almost 80% of adults (16+) living with a disability are unemployed. Of the individuals employed, many are in jobs that underutilize/neglect to explore their skill-sets. Similarly, just under 26% of individuals living with disabilities receive Bachelor’s level education or higher.

IAI is beginning 2019 prepared to address access inequities through 3 programming offerings: Events & Meeting Consultation, Educational Curriculum, and Seminars. We are a 501c3 pending non-profit organization that is committed to maximizing our resources by keeping operating costs at a minimum and utilizing a small (yet laser-focused) team.

Your investment in our team, and our work, is critical to establish a healthy foundation for IAI to grow upon.To view our current funding priorities, please visit: or contact me directly at 734-646-3216

Happy 2019,